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6th April 2017 - Webshop is updated. An entry for the new album
Five Suns is now available. Official release date is 29th April 2017
e-Day 2017.
A package of Five Suns together with an A1 poster will be available
Also available is Patchwork - Connect. This album contains material
Ruud Heij, Rene Janssen and Udo Scheyka did between 1994 and 1995.

15th January 2017 - Last preparations are being made on the new
album. It will be a 2CD album and will be launched at the e-Day 2017

17th April 2011 - Our new FSP/Gert Emmens album Legacy is released
and available from our webshop. It contains live material from E-Day,
Oirschot and Ricochet Gathering, Berlin.

18th October 2009 - A new session album is released: Time out of Mind.
It consists of material recorded during our stay at Brendon Pollards studio
last May. We (FSP/Pollard/Hashtronaut) recorded hours of music and the
results can be heard on the new album. Available from our webshop

5th April 2009 - A new DVD will be available at E-Day 2009 on the
11th of April. It contains around 150 minuts of footage of Hampshire Jam 6,
7 and Leicester Baptist Church (first of 2nd half), plus some concert photos.
It will be available from our webshop that day as well.

6th November 2008 - Our new album "Narrow Lane" will be released
on 15th November on the Hampshire Jam Festival and after that it
will be available to the world. Soon you can order your copy on our

19th March 2008 - We will be playing the first MusicZeit promoted
concert on Saturday 17th May 2008 at St John's The Baptist Church
in Leicester, UK.
Full details at www.musiczeit.com/album.php?album=428

12th August 2007 - Due to personal reasons FSP will continue
as a duo with Marcel and Ruud. The concert at Hampshire Jam
will most definitely continue, as a duo that is.

4th March 2007 - Our new album Gent, which contains music
from the Gent concert on 28th May 2005, will be released on
the 28th of April 2007. We will have a stand on E-Day that day
and we'll bring it with us.
A few days later a DVD will be released with footage of the Gent
concert. This will be available exclusively from our webshop.

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