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Some words about the music I make.

Although I find it very difficult to say something about my own music, I would like to try it anyway.

I use a mixture of analog and digital synthesizers, because I think both have their advantages and disadvantages.

I always try to make a kind of atmosphere, often heard in the e-music of the 70's and begin 80's.

To create this kind of atmosphere it is usual to make tracks longer then a pop-song you hear on the radio (with the exception of classic and jazz).

Bands/artists who, I think, also create this kind of atmosphere are, to name a few: Tangerine Dream, Neuronium, Jarre and Schulze. But also bands like Pink Floyd, Camel, Pulsar, Ozric Tentacles, Orbital and Future Sound of London.

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about the music

Updated on 17th January 2017